CCP is back on track, sporting a new lean look. It's still the same CCP, the best Filipino chat site for Pinoys and Pinays and their friends worldwide.



With due respect to the age of the CCP veterans (not old, OK?), CCP has been around since early 2000. Many Filipino chat sites have come & gone but CCP remains strong and popular. Wait. You're supposed to be chatting and not reading a backgrounder, right?

Chat room rules

What rules?! Not much, just a few:
1. Abide by the mods/admins' pointers. They can sometimes be a big PITA but they're there for good.
2. Don't feed the trolls; ignore the bullies. We actually have an ignore button for that (not for your ex).
3. Chill & enjoy. Who knows, maybe you can also help some troubled folks or at least cheer up someone.

Remember, "Rules are for the obedience of fools and for the guidance of the wise."

Comments or feedback?

Want to contact the site owner or site admin for some feedback, business or what not? Ok, here's how we do it. Just log onto the room and relay your message to any chat room mod/admin online. No phone. No email.